Float to Live: 10 Year Old Boy Survives for over an hour floating at sea using technique learned from documentary

If you get in trouble in the water, floating on your back and calling for help can help save your life. No one knows this better than Ravi Saini, a 10 year old boy who survived for over an hour in the cold North sea after getting in trouble in the water at a UK beach....

Baby Swimming Experts Warn Parents About the Hidden Risks of Floating Neck Rings for Babies

Floating neck rings have gained popularity in Vietnam in recent years, and we have noticed a number of organisations running and promoting the use of floating necks rings for babies. However, according to world leading experts on baby swimming teaching, this aquatic...

Preventing Child Drowning : The importance of an evidence based approach

With around 2,000 fatal child drowning cases a year in Vietnam, drowning prevention activities are essential. However it’s important that interventions are evidence based and safe to ensure they are effective and do not put children at risk. Drowning is the leading...

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