Restube Comparison

Not sure which Restube is right for you? Check out our comparison table below, or get in touch for advice 🙂

Restube beach

Restube active

Restube extreme

Target Group

For recreation & family

For all-round & athletic use

For rough conditions

Recommended activities

Family & kids

Snorkeling & vacation

Stand Up Paddle (SUP) – Summer

Active swim

Open water

Stand Up Paddle (SUP)


Swim run

Ice swimming

Family & kids

Snorkeling & vacation

Body board

On board

Canoe & kayak



Kit & windsurf


Stand Up Paddle (SUP) – River & Waves


(Product net weight excluding belt)

160 g

195 g

255 g


15x6x4 cm

14x7x4 cm

14x8x4 cm


50 N

75 N

75 N

No. of total inflations




Core Restube function

Besides flotation the Restube buoy is a real multi tool: always with you, make yourself visible, stay flexible in water and help others

Belt included & exchangeable

Horizontal mounting

The pocket is fixed horizontally to the 2,5x125cm belt.

Vertical mounting

Attach Restube to the 125cm long belt, either horizontally or vertically. Most swimmers prefer a vertical position.


The trigger is also a whistle. Attract even more attention with it!

Small compartment inside the bag

A small compartment is integrated in the bagin which you can stow small things. The compartment is not waterproof.

Active Belt

Doing a long distance swim, the bag stays tight in its position. A flat stick in the belt stops potential shifting.

Robust buoy material

The yellow Restube buoy is extremely robust, made out of life jacket certified material (DIN ISO 12402-7).

Harness & equipment mounting

Attach Restube to your harness or any other equipment with up to 65mm mounts.

Splint closing system

To keep the bag closed even in the toughest conditions. Still opens right after you trigger it.

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