Float to Live: 10 Year Old Boy Survives for over an hour floating at sea using technique learned from documentary

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If you get in trouble in the water, floating on your back and calling for help can help save your life. No one knows this better than Ravi Saini, a 10 year old boy who survived for over an hour in the cold North sea after getting in trouble in the water at a UK beach. He learnt the simple but effective advice from the RNLI by just watching a documentary – advice which would later save his life.

A 10-year-old boy survived for more than an jour at sea using advice he had learned from a documentary. The boy went missing off the coast of Scarborough, Yorkshire on Friday, according to BBC News.

The town’s lifeboat crew were dispatched, and found him floating on his back with his arms and legs spread shouting for help near Vincent Pier. Currents had swept him across the bay.

It turned out the boy had learned the advice from watching the BBC documentary Saving Lives at Sea. It is the RNLI‘s official advice if you get in to trouble in the sea.

Lee Marton, coxswain at Scarborough lifeboat station, said: “We were told he’d been watching lifeboat rescues on the BBC documentary Saving Lives at Sea and had followed the advice given on the show.

“We’re very much in awe of this incredible lad, who managed to remain calm and follow safety advice to the letter in terrifying and stressful circumstances – had he not, the outcome might have been very different.”

The boy was reunited with his family after his ordeal at sea before being taken for a check-up in hospital.

Content originally from the ‘Evening Standard’ and ‘The Indian Express

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