VSLC Teaching Swimming Award

VSLC Teaching Swimming Award

The Teaching Swimming Award covers all core aspects of teaching swimming – from beginners to more advanced swimmers. It has been developed in line with international best practice, giving participants the skills they need to teach a wide range of abilities independently. 

Qualification Details

Qualification Name: VSLC Teaching Swimming Award
Current Version: v1.1

Governance: VSLC is the IFSTA member for Vietnam

Duration: 35 hours contact time
Validity: CPD must be completed as per VSLC requirements, VSLC membership must be maintained and a valid VSLC approved lifesaving qualification held at all times.


Swimming Pool Knowledge:

At the end of the module the candidate will be able to:

  • Identify health and safety aspects relevant to the swimming pool environment
  • Risk assess a swimming pool
  • List areas covered in a Normal Operating Plan
  • List areas covered in an Emergency Action Plan
  • List the role and responsibilities of a swimming teacher
  • List the rescue equipment available

How to Teach Swimming:

At the end of the module the candidate will understand:

  • How people learn
  • Swimming Teaching Strategies
  • Basic science of buoyancy & propulsion
  • Lesson planning & Schemes of work

Teaching Beginners:

At the end of the module the candidate will be able to teach:

  • Safe entries & exits
  • Confidence practices
  • Regaining the feet
  • Floating
  • Front and Back Paddle
  • Shallow water submerging practices
  • Sculling
  • Treading Water
  • Jumping

Teaching Improvers:

At the end of the module the candidate will be able to:

  • Perform a stroke analysis
  • Teach competition strokes:
  • Front Crawl
  • Back Crawl
  • Breaststroke
  • Butterfly
  • Teach deep water submerging practices

Water Safety, Survival & Rescue Skills:

At the end of the module the candidate will understand how to teach:

  • Water Safety
  • Survival Skills
  • Rescue Skills

This qualification is trainer assessed. 

To complete the qualification, candidates must:

  • Complete a 20 question multi-choice examination paper, to be competent the candidate must score 15 marks out of 20
  • The candidate is required to conduct a 30 minute lesson to 4 learners

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