VSLC joins the International Federation of Swimming Teachers’ Associations (IFSTA)

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VSLC is delighted to have been accepted as an Associate Member of the International Federation of Swimming Teachers Associations (IFSTA).

The International Federation of Swimming Teachers’ Associations Limited (IFSTA) represents and unites the world’s swimming teaching bodies in the common goal of reducing deaths by drowning through improving standards in teaching swimming and other survival techniques.

As a significant international body, IFSTA supports its members worldwide by working together to achieve IFSTA’s objective:

“To promote internationally, the highest standards in the teaching of swimming and other survival techniques.”

IFSTA is a non-profit organisation that was set up by the UK’s Swimming Teachers’ Association (STA) to provide a platform for independent swimming bodies to share and disseminate the principles of best practice. IFSTA members also benefit from being able to use STA’s International Learn to Swim Programme, and may also operate extended badge and certificate schemes for their country.

We are proud to join an international organisation is committed to promoting the highest standards of swimming teaching and aquatic safety internationally, with the objective of reducing the global burden of drowning. We welcome the opportunity to share best practice and work together with leading swimming associations from around the world to achieve our shared aims of promoting water safety.

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