Introducing Restube!

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VSLC is delighted to bring Restube to Vietnam! Restube is a unique inflatable buoy system, engineered in Germany, that is designed to give you extra freedom and safety in the water. Restube offer a range of products for leisure, sport and also professional rescue – and all are available through VSLC’s online shop!

The Restube story

Several years ago, the founder of Restube found himself in a critical situation while in the water. After surviving the situation, he wanted to make water sports safer – and Restube was born. Used now by over 120,000 people in 25 countries, Restube is designed to give you the backup you need without getting in the way!

Whether you are enjoying a day out at the beach with family, are an open water swimmer or enjoy the water in other ways – such as SUP, kayaking, kitesurfing, or surfing – there’s a Restube for you! You can learn more about Restube here, and also compare different Restube models here.

Why Restube?

Anyone can get in to difficult when in the water – even the most competent swimmer, kayaker or kite surfer. No matter your ability of experience, things can go wrong – and if they do, Restube is there to help. Unlike some other water safety devices, Restube is specifically designed not to get in the way, but be right there we when you need it. Engineered in Germany and used in over 25 countries, Restube products are high quality, reliable and fit for purpose, and all come with a 2 year warranty!

Want to sell Restube?

VSLC is an official Restube distributor. If you would like to sell Restube in Vietnam, please get in touch to learn more and how we can help.

Restube at events!
Restube is a mandatory safety device at over 50 events worldwide. If you are looking to improve the safety of your event, get in touch to learn how VSLC and Restube can help!

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