RIP Currents – how to identify and escape a RIP

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Summer is coming in Vietnam, and as a result the beaches are getting busier. Many more people will be enjoying a dip in the sea. When visiting the beach, make sure you know how to stay safe and identify a RIP! RIP currents are responsible for many drowning cases.

What is a RIP?

Rip currents are strong currents of water that flow away from the shore. They are generally powerful in larger surf, but you should never underestimate the power of the water. They can also be found around river mouths, estuaries and man-made structures.

They can flow faster than 4mph – that’s faster than an Olympic swimmer!

Source: VN Express

How can you sport a RIP Current?

The things to look for are:

  • deeper, dark-coloured water;
  • fewer breaking waves;
  • a rippled surface surrounded by smooth waters;
  • and anything floating out to sea or foamy, discoloured, sandy, water flowing out beyond the waves.

Rips don’t always show these signs all at once!

Source: VN Express

What to do if you get caught in a RIP

STAY CALM – a RIP current will not pull you under the water. Panicking and trying to fight the current can be fatal. Sometimes the current will carry you back to shore.

CALL FOR HELP – If there are lifeguards or other people on the beach, you can raise an arm and shout for help.

SWIM PARALLEL TO THE SHORE – RIP channels are narrow – swim parallel to the shore. Use breaking waves to help you get back to shore.

Never try to swim against a RIP!

When you visit a beach, make sure you learn information about the hazards specific to the area.


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