5 Reasons to Learn First Aid!

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In Vietnam, road traffic accidents are the leading cause of death, followed shortly by drowning. Drowning alone claims more lives than TB, HIV/AIDS, Malnutrition, Malaria and Dengue – combined. Despite injury being by far a bigger killer than disease, knowledge of how to provide appropriate first aid treatment in Vietnam is very limited. Not only are first response skills minimal, ambulance response times are often poor in both rural areas – rural areas due to a lack of provision, and urban areas often due to poor traffic conditions. Here are our top five reasons to learn first aid:


1) You can save a life!

If someone is not breathing, performing effective CPR can help circulate oxygenated blood around the body, giving the person the best chance of survival. In the event of severe bleeding, the ability to control that bleeding can be lifesaving. If someone is choking, knowing the correct techniques to dislodge the obstruction is critical. Simple first aid techniques, based on the latest evidence, can save lives.

2) Accidents and medical emergency happen

It is easy to think that it will never happen to us until it does – but the truth is, accidents and medical emergency happen when we least expect it.

3) We can’t just rely on advanced medical help

Even in countries with fast ambulance response times, advanced medical help is often too late. In the event of cardiac arrest, the first few minutes are critical. If someone is not breathing and no action is taken, after a few minutes their chance of survival starts to fall by approximately 10% per minute. We cannot rely simply on waiting for an ambulance to arrive before beginning treatment.

4) Know your limits

First aid is not just about knowing what you can do, but also what you cannot do. By understanding your limits, you can avoid putting both yourself and the person you are trying to help at further risk.

5) Get a Qualification!

Learning first aid is not only a valuable life skill – many employers also value it, and certain jobs required it. Whether you are working in office environment, with the public or with customers, the ability to provide assistance in the event of injury or medical emergency is extremely valuable.

By taking the time to learn first aid, you gain valuable life skill that will enable you to help people in the event of an accident or medical emergency. VSLC offer a range of first aid qualifications. Check out our public courses, or alternatively, you can get a quote for a private course.



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